Football Pools again

Wednesday, November 1 – 1939
To start on November 18, or earlier.
Coupons in Press Advertisements.
Football Pools will be here again for matches played on November 18, announced today by the Football pool’s Promoters Association. Mr. E. Holland, secretary of the Association stated today that a modified scheme had been considered by the Government for the past fortnight. “I am now happy to say that I have heard from the Postmaster General that the scheme overcomes the Government’s previous objection,” he said.

The scheme provides for one unified pool and coupons will be issued as Press advertisement, so that the Post Office will not be called upon to distribute them.

No propaganda or coupons will be dispatched to clubs. A number of regional offices will be opened in the larger towns, to which the newspapers coupons will be posted. Members of the Association propose that in operating the scheme they will be able to ensure that some of the many war charities will receive substantial benefit from ‘their effort.

The reintroduction of the pools should stimulate interest in the English and Scottish regional competition, writes a Press Association football correspondent. During the few weeks that these war-time tournaments have been in existence the insurance of support given by the public has been disappointing except in isolated cases and the pools will doubtless act as a tulip towards increased attendances.
(Evening Express, 01-11-1939)


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