A letter from Matt Busby

Thursday, November 2 – 1939
I had a letter from Matt Busby, Liverpool’s international captain, who is now a physical instructor somewhere in the south.

Matt writes: “I am getting nicely settled, and in this second F.A. party have met many old friends of yours, including Warney Cresswell, Cliff Britton and Joe McClure. We have all got right down to the work and putting everything into it.

“Warney Cresswell told us a good story the other night. He said that an N.C.O. took a squad out on a route march, but, being new to the job, did not know the command to halt. He marched the squad up and down for hours and the marched them towards the edge of a cliff. As they reached the edge and received no command to halt, one of the squad stepped out and shouted ‘For goodness sake say something, if its only goodbye.’

“I hope to be back again in about two weeks’ time, if everything goes okay.”
(Evening Express, 02-11-1939)

Matt Busby, Liverpool F.C.

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