Liverpool F.C. and bonuses

Thursday, November 2 – 1939
Liverpool Football Club are making strenuous efforts to induce the Football League to permit the payment of bonuses to players in the Regional Competition.

Mr. George Kay, manager of the club, made this statement to me today (writes Pilot): –
“We note the statement by Mr. Fred Howarth, the Football League Secretary, that only three out of the 82 clubs were anxious to pay bonuses to players. The question we would like to ask is have the League clubs been circularised and asked for their opinion on this question?

“So far as the Liverpool Football Club is concerned, we have had no such motice.

“It would, no doubt, clear the air and quickly settle this question if the 82 League clubs were asked by the Football League to say ‘Aye’ or ‘Nay’ to our proposal.”

This week the Liverpool directors sent a letter to the League asking that bonuses should be allowed.

Mr. Ernest Green, chairman of Everton Football Club, said to me today: “The suggestion of Liverpool to circularise the clubs is an exceedingly fair proposition. It is the one way in which we can find out whether or not the clubs want bonuses.”
(Evening Express, 02-11-1939)


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