Prescot Cables to support Liverpool F.C.

Friday, November 10 – 1939
Reference to Prescot Cables A.F.C. being a “Nursery Club” for Liverpool Football Club was made at Prescot Council on Tuesday evening, when Coun. Ernest Taylor (Chairman) reported on a sub-committee’s interview with officials of the Cables’ club in connection with the club’s application for a moratorium of rent and rates owing to difficulties consequent upon the cessation of activities at Hope-street owing to the war.

Coun. Taylor said that the sub-committee recommended that the request should be acceded to and inquiry made as to the possibility of making use of the ground and the buildings for rescue and demolition squads during such time as the Council was in control of the ground. It was also recommended that the club should be assisted in holding its players together by permitting such recreative facilities as were required.

Coun. Walter Johnson bore out the Chairman’s report. The officials of the club would be only too pleased, he said, if football was resumed on the ground, to hand over whatever surplus money was received.

Coun. R. Lloyd Thomas said he thought the sub-committee had been misled, and he declined to accept the recommendations for the reason that the Cables were subsided by Liverpool Football Club. “We must remember that we are responsible to the ratepayers,” he said.

Coun. Johnson said he raised that point with the club officials and was given to understand that as the result of the war footballers’ contracts had been concluded and that the Liverpool club had withdrawn whatever contract they had with the Cables.

It was pointed out that nine members of the Cables were in the Army.

Coun. Thomas said that if there were any good footballers in Prescot, Liverpool would get them and the question of cancelling contracts would not arise there.

It was decided that the sub-committee should have another interview with the club’s officials and obtain further information.
(Prescot Reporter, 10-11-1939)

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