Welcome home

Friday, December 22 – 1939
Liverpool will be without some of their leading players for the game against New Brighton, but that will not detract from the interest in the game, for prominent players are included in the Rakers’ eleven. There will be certainly be a warm “welcome home” cheer for Alf Hanson, who will be at outside left for the Wallasey side.

Hansom learned the game at Anfield, graduating from the “A” team to become one of the most-sought wingers in the country, Chelsea eventually took him for a fee of approximately £7,000. In addition, there will be international “Pongo” Waring at inside left, and Albert Malam, the Doncaster Rovers’ captain, will be at inside right for the Rakers.

Add to these Arthur Frost, the Newcastle United, centre forward; Bill Ratcliffe, the Oldham Athletic back; Willie Hawthorn, the brilliant Scottish goalkeeper, and you will appreciate that this a star-spangled New Brighton team.

Then I advise you to keep an eye on Steve Hughes, the Rakers’ pivot and captain. Hughes is a Liverpool Corporation official, and I doubt whether there is a better amateur centre-half playing at the moment. Tommy Lawton, of Everton, will confirm that.

Liverpool. Arthur Riley, Tommy Cooper, Bernard Ramsden, Matt Busby, Fred Rogers, Stan Eastham, Berry Nieuwenhuys, George Paterson, John Shafto, Len Carney, Herman Van Den Berg.

New Brighton. Willie Hawthorne, Bill Ratcliffe, Arthur Buxton, Billy Wright, Steve Hughes, Tommy Davis, Horace Small, Albert Malam, Arthur Frost, Pongo Waring, Alf Hanson.
(Evening Express, 22-12-1939)

Albert Malam, Doncaster Rovers and war-time-guest for New Brighton (and later Liverpool F.C.).


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