Tranmere Rovers v Everton 2-9 (War time, League match)

Saturday, December 23 – 1939
Match: Regional League, Western Division, at Prenton Park.
Tranmere Rovers – Everton 2-9.
Attendance: 4,515.
Referee: Mr. G. Salmon.
Tranmere Rovers (2-3-5): J.K. Hassall, Jack Jones (Everton), Arthur Owen, Ted Anderson, Walter Price, Tom Byrom, Ernie Davies, Bunny Bell (Everton), Paddy Sloan, Harold Bridges, Gib Bellis.
Everton (2-3-5): Ted Sagar (C), George Jackson, Norman Greenhalgh, Joe Mercer, Tommy Jones, Gordon Watson, Fred Sweeney, Stan Bentham, Tommy Lawton, Alex Stevenson, Wally Boyes.
The goals: 0-1 Jones, 0-2 Stevenson, 0-3 Lawton, 0-4 Lawton, 0-5 Bentham, 0-6 Lawton, 0-7 Bentham, 0-8 Mercer, 0-9 Lawton, 1-9 Bell, 2-9 Bell.

Everton score nine goals at Tranmere
Whatever else spectators at war-time football have to complain about, they certainly cannot have a grumble regarding the number of goals scored. On Saturday Everton, who the previous week scored six goals at Blackburn, gave another demonstration of their away power by scoring nine on the Tranmere ground. The Rovers replied with two.

The away win League match record is held by Sheffield United, who beat Burslem in a Second Division match in 1892 by ten clear goals. Everton’s smashing success coincided with the return of Lawton, their England centre-forward. He scored four times. Bell, by arrangement, played for Tranmere, his former club, instead of Everton and secured both his side’s goals.

After Everton scored their ninth goal, Sagar, the goalkeeper was called to take a penalty kick. After running the length of the field he had the shot saved. The ball was swept away to the other end, and Sagar got back only just in time to prevent Tranmere scoring.

The order of scoring was: T.G. Jones, Stevenson, Lawton (two great drives), Bentham, Lawton, Bentham, Mercer, Lawton. For Tranmere: Bell (2).
(Liverpool Daily Post, 27-12-1939)

Tommy Lawton, Everton F.C.

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