A galaxy of stars at Goodison Park

Friday, December 29 – 1939
There will be a galaxy of football talent at Goodison Park tomorrow when Blackpool come to oppose the champions. This is a return “friendly” for the clubs met in the first war-time match, and Blackpool won 2-1 at Bloomfield road. Blackpool will include several internationals while Everton, of course, have a side studded with stars.

It should prove a keen, thrilling duel, for even in friendly matches the players are in deadly earnest. One of the highlights should be the duel between Eph. Dodds, the Sea-siders’ Scottish international centre-forward, and Tommy Jones, of Wales. It will be a test between the cool skill of Jones and the virility of Dodds.

Another big attraction will be the appearance of Jimmy Caskie, Everton’s Scottish international who since the war, has been playing brilliantly for St. Mirren. Caskie is a great little player, who would be a regular in Everton’s first team, but for the consistency of Wally Boyes and Torry Gillick.

Sixteen-year-old Bailey the “B” team boy, gets his first big chance as deputy to Boyes at outside left. Boyes is going to his Sheffield home for the week-end. I regard Bailey as a most promising lad, and believe him capable of seizing his opportunity.

Everton: Ted Sagar, George Jackson, Norman Greenhalgh, Joe Mercer, Tommy Jones, Gordon Watson, Jimmy Caskie, Stan Bentham, Tommy Lawton, Alex Stevenson, Gordon Bailey.
(Evening Express, 29-12-1939)

Jimmy Caskie, St. Mirren and Everton F.C.
jimmy-caskie-Everton and St Mirren


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