England v The Army (International, January 20, 1940)

January 20, 1940
Match: War time international at Selhurst Park.
England – The Army 4-3 (3-3).
Attendance: 10,057; gate receipts: £558.
Referee: Mr. A.J. Jewell.
England (2-3-5): Sam Bartram (Charlton Athletic), Joe Bacuzzi (Fulham), Eddie Hapgood (Arsenal), Jack Crayston (Arsenal), Bernard Harper (Barnsley), Wilf Conning (Leeds United), Stanley Matthews (Stoke City), Jack Martin (Aston Villa), Frank Broome (Aston Villa), Len Goulden (West Ham United), Leslie Smith (Brentford).
The Army (2-3-5): Arthur Riley (Liverpool), Bert Sproston (Manchester City), Andy Beattie (Preston North End), Harry Goslin (Bolton Wanderers), Stan Cullis (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Joe Mercer (Everton), Albert Geldard (Bolton Wanderers), Maurice Edelston (Reading), Willie Fagan (Liverpool), Don Welsh (Charlton Athletic), Denis Compton (Arsenal).
The goals: 1-0 Martin, 2-0 Martin (10 min.), 2-1 Fagan, 2-2 Welsh, 2-3 Welsh (40 min.), 3-3 Broome (42 min.), 4-3 Matthews (47 min.).

ONLY 10,000 SPECTATORS. There should have been more at Selhurst Park, for this was the greatest gathering of football stars since the war.

VIZARD MATTHEWS. The Stoke City’s right winger, Matthews, can make the ball do exactly as he wants. Here Matthews is going past A/Sgt., Instructor A. Beattie, the Army full back with the greatest of ease.

THE TOSS FOR ENDS. A/Sgt, Instructor Cullis (right), the old Wolverhampton centre half, who captained the Army, tells Eddie Hapgood, the Arsenal full back, which end the Army will kick-off. A.J. Jewell, the referee, picks up his shilling.

ENGLAND GOALKEEPER IN ACTION. Bartram, Charlton Athletic, who kept goal for England, saving a low shot, Harper (white shirt), his centre half is covering, while L/Cpl. W. Fagan (Liverpool), the Army centre forward, is coming up full tilt.

THE ATTEMPT THAT FAILED. Harper, the English centre half makes a desperate effort to rob A/Sgt. Instructor Don Welsh, the Army inside left, of the ball, but as the next picture shows, Harper went down and Welsh was able to go on.


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