Face the facts

February 28, 1940
When will the Liverpool Corporation Committees face up to their responsibilities, and frame their estimates with a due regard to existing conditions? So far as I can gather nearly every Committee has based its estimates on a peace time footing, and despite constant appeals for economy that keep pouring out from Government departments not the slightest attempt appears to have been made to keep the expenditure for the coming year within reasonable bounds.

Only one public attempt has been made to ease the burden on the rate-payers, and that was by a non-member of the City Council.

Mr. George Alfred Richards, J.P., a co-opted member of the Public Assistance Committee, director of Liverpool Football Club, made a bid for reduction of that committee’s estimates of £50,000, and all he got for his trouble was the support of eight members!

George Alfred Richards, J.P.
George Richards 1940

Still, well played, sir. It was a good try.

The committee must know that there is not the remotest chance of the estimates as presented passing the local Chancellor of the Exchequer. In fact, it will be surprising to me if at least £100,000 is not knocked off when the axe falls.
(Evening Express: February 28, 1940)

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