Football League XI v All British Red Cross XI 4-4 (Charity match: March 2, 1940)

March 2, 1940
Match, International, representative friendly, at Park Avenue (Bradford).
Football League XI – All British Red Cross XI 4-4 (2-1).
Attendance: 14,575; gate receipts: £880.
Football League XI (2-3-5): Ted Sagar (Everton), Benny Craig (Newcastle United), Ted Catlin (Sheffield Wednesday), George Kaye (Bradford), Bob Danskin (Bradford City), George Taylor (Bolton Wanderers), Stanley Matthews (Stoke City), Willie Hall (Tottenham Hotspur), Tommy Sale (Stoke City), Ken Willingham (Huddersfield Town), Pat Beasley (Huddersfield Town).
All British Red Cross XI (2-3-5): Bob Hesford (Huddersfield Town), Bill Hayes (Huddersfield Town), Andy Beattie (Preston North End), Matt Busby (Liverpool), Bernard Harper (Barnsley), Teddy Buck (Grimsby Town), Davy Cochrane (Leeds United), Wilf Mannion (Middlesbrough), Jock Dodds (Blackpool), Peter Doherty (Manchester City), Hugh O’Donnell (Blackpool).
The goals: 0-1 Doherty, 1-1 Hall, 2-1 Hall, 2-2 Dodds, 3-2 Matthews, 4-2 Sale, 4-3 Doherty (87 min.), 4-4 Dodds (90 min.).

Ted Sagar, Everton F.C. and Football League XI.


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