The football season extended until June 8,1940

March 4, 1940
The FA fix June 8 as final day.
The Football Association yesterday decided to extend the season by five weeks, until June 8, and they have stipulated that in arranging fixtures the clubs must co-operate with officials of summer games, in order to avoid interferences in the way of counter attractions to sports like cricket and tennis. Mr. William Cuff, the Football League president is ill and could not attend the meeting.

The Football League clubs have not had all their demands granted. They wanted the season to go on until June 30, but the closure on June 8 will not prevent them from running their knock-out competition. Within a day or two it is expected that the League will announce their scheme for a summer cup. It will run on regional lines to the semi-final – thus obviating the necessity of applying to the Home Office for wider power – and will probably extend from April 27, when the preliminary games will be played, till the final on June 8.

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. ground is in a neutral area and is the favourite choice for the final. Another suggestion is that the cup competition be started right away and some of the Regional League matches relegated to the extended part of the season.

The FA’s extension applies to all football organisations under their control, and no doubt many amateur bodies will takes advantage of the extension of the season. The FA’s full announcement is as follows:

The Conditions.
The F.A. has decided in view of the unprecedented inclement weather recently experienced, which caused the cancellation of many fixtures, to waive Rule 26 in 1940 to allow football to be played up to and including June 8. Those wishing to organise competitions within the period may do so provided that –

(a.) The governing rules are approved by the FA or by the appropriate County Association in accordance with the regulations governing leagues and competitions.

(b.) The conditions laid down by the Home Office in September and October are observed, unless variation in a specific case is sanctioned by the FA after consultation by the Home Office.

(c.) The matches are arrange to take place at a time which will interfere as little as possible with games normally played during the period of the extended season. Co-operation between officials of the respective games is essential.
(Liverpool Daily Post: March 5, 1940)


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