The death of R.W. Kenworthy

April 8, 1940
The death has taken place at his home in Beacon Lane, Everton, at the age of 76, of Mr. R.W. Kenworthy, who played as a full back for Everton in their earliest days. I am afraid there will not be many left who remember him, for his association with the club was away back in the – early eighties when they played in Stanley Park and were known locally as the “Moonlight Dribblers” a nick-name which was later changed to the “Black Watch” when, to save expense one season, they had a collect of jerseys dyed black. These were the days when the committee meetings –the more grandiloquent title of “board” was not then in vogue were held at the Queen’s Head in Village Street.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: April 9, 1940)

Army and Everton veteran
When sitting in a chair reading the Echo, Staff-Sergeant R.W. Kenworthy, of 188 Beacon Lane, Everton, an old “Press Guard,” who played football for Everton F.C. 60 years ago, collapsed and died last night. He was 77 years of age.

Staff-Sergeant Kenworthy joined up in 1880, serving continuously until 1910, the battalion having changed during that time to the 6th V.B., and again to the 9th Battalion King’s Liverpool Regiment. He was at one time the crack shot of his regiment.

He played full-back for Everton 60 years ago, and afterwards spent all his Saturday afternoons assisting on the gates at Goodison Park. He celebrated his golden wedding twelve months ago, and leaves a widow, four sons, and one daughter. Two of his sons held the same rank with his old regiment during the last great war, while he was in the newly-formed Dockers’ Battalion. He was a total abstainer and non-smoker.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: April 9, 1940)

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