Football and the Sandon Hotel

May 4, 1940
The Sandon Hotel in Oakfield Road would be found to be connected prominently with football if ever the history of the game as made in Liverpool came to be chronicled. Everton F.C. became a power there, Liverpool F.C. had its birth there, and in the naughty 90’s, when men ran off with trophies and that sort of thing, the Sandon was already the centre of a whirl of football excitement.

At the gateway of Anfield Football Ground when the pitch was roped off, and under the shadow now of mighty Spion Kop, the Sandon has always been a great sporting house, and mine host had to be a great man.

Mr. Harry Danks, who retired this week after 14 years as manager there, proved himself that. None could offer a welcome more genially than he or do a good turn more gracefully. His concerts for deserving causes were frequent and successful. Every entertainer in Liverpool knew that to be on Harry’s list was to be wanted at other places too, and he could always get a tip-toe show.

Harry was party to one of the Cue-fellows’ earliest big dates in 1926, and was keen, with Liverpool F.C., to see the money-pace set there for the Good-fellow Fund, and helped to do it. Bowlers all over Lancashire know him well, and his green was as widely respected as the gallery of sporting notabilities, teams and incidents with which he adorned the walls of the Sandon.

He takes our best wishes with him into retirement.
(Liverpool Echo: May 4, 1940)


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