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About Willie McCallum:

Born: October 24, 1870: Kilbirnie, Scotland.
Passed away:

Position: Full back.


Elm Park.
Wishaw Thistle.
Hibernian. Signed: 1889.
Celtic: Signed: 1890.
* 1890-91: 0-0 (Scottish League); 2-0 (FA Cup);
* 1891-92: 0-0 (Scottish League); 0-0 (FA Cup).
West Bromwich Albion: Signed: January 17, 1892.
Wishaw Thistle: 1892.
Dundee Harp: Signed: July 27, 1893.
* 1893-94: 3-0 (FA Cup).
Coatdyke Gaelic: 1894.

Scottish Referee: November 10, 1890:


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