Everton win the Liverpool Cup

May 14, 1940
Having won the Liverpool Senior Cup, which they lifted from Liverpool last night. Everton have another final on the list, against Bury, for the Lancashire Senior Cup, as well as an active interest in the League trophy.

Everton and Bury tossed yesterday for choice of venue for the Lancashire final. As Bury won, the game will be at Gigg Lane on a date not yet fixed. Bury, who at the moment are top of the North-Western region have been serving up first class football this season, and have had some of the best attendances in the North.

Everton will find them dour opponents. The inner politics of this match are likely to cause more discussion than the game itself. Some time ago the Lancashire F.A. told the two clubs concerned that bonus could be paid for a win, but the League stepped in and said it couldn’t.

The Lancashire F.A. replied that if this ban was persisted with they would take the matter direct to the F.A. which apparently cut no ice with the Management Committee, for the latter have now announced their intention to stick to the prohibition. It is rather a pity that at a time like this football cannot avoid such disturbances.

The Liverpool County F.A. also announced last week that Everton and Liverpool could pay bonuses for last night’s final at Goodison Park which may bring the game also into the orbit of controversy.

Worthy Winners.
Everton were worthy winners of the Liverpool Senior Cup at Goodison last night. Early on it looked as though the game was going to be outstanding for the size of Everton’s victory, for they were four-up in 18 minutes through Stan Bentham, Matt Busby (own goal), Jimmy Caskie, and Tommy Jones, and were so much on top that a cricket score seemed imminent.

Time and again they swept half the length of the field without a Liverpool man touching the ball. Nobody would have recognised them for the team which did so badly at Rochdale; though for that matter it wasn’t the same, for with Jones and Joe Mercer back in the side and Caskie on the wing this was something like the old championship Everton.

Then the incomparable Busby managed to pull Liverpool round. He set them on the goal track just before half-time, while Nivvy added a second just after it and a third a few minutes from the end. In between Nivvy’s two Tommy Lawton and Alex Stevenson popped on another couple for Everton.

In fairness to the losers it must be remembered that these days they are much below strength compared with Everton. No fewer than six of last night’s side were “A” team players at the beginning of the season. Caskie, making his first war-time appearance for Everton, confirmed the good impressions of last season. He will be in the side to play Stoke in the third round of the League Cup at Goodison on Saturday, when Everton will field the same side as defeated Liverpool viz:- Everton.
(Liverpool Echo, 14-05-1940)


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