Experience told

May 14, 1940
Everton won the Liverpool Cup for the 26th time; in fact, they made so sure of it in the first 19 minutes that, but for a typical Liverpool fight back, the game would have petered out into a one-sided struggle. Four goals did Everton pile on in that delightful “curtain riser,” during which they demonstrated their brilliance in ball control, positional understanding and effectiveness. It was a delight to watch them.

The 5,834 spectators saw Liverpool came along with a rare burst and brought the total to 4-2 before Everton machine got moving again. It was experience –yes, in tactics as well as mastery of the ball –which made the difference but I admired the sturdy Reds – youngsters from the reserves side in the major portion –for their “We-can-take-it-and-come-back” attitude.

They were never beaten. Everton revealed sufficient class to make me believe they can go near to securing that League War Cup to place on the sideboard, alongside Liverpool Cup while Captain Joe Butterfield presented to Ted Sagar at the conclusion.

Jimmy Caskie and Stanley Matthews in the same game. What a Soccer treat that will be. I liked Alan Brown in the Liverpool defence, I can understand why Liverpool fancied him some time ago. He was there in the breach in a vital period.

Roy Guttridge, Bob Paisley – getting better and better – Matt Busby, Len Carney, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Billy Liddell, and Herman Van Den Berg, also did well for the fighting Reds’ side, while Stan Palk pleased me for a youngster. He looks as if he will make the grade all right. Everton were the complete side from stem to stern. It was their team work and combined effort that took the eye even more than individual effort –and there was a lot of solo work, which thrilled.

Yes, the Blues deserved this win in the final tilt at Liverpool this season and they wind up with the record: Wins, 5; Defeats, 2; Draws 1.
(Evening Express, 14-05-1940)


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