The death of Andrew Hannah

May 29, 1940
Another of the great old-timers has passed out. Andrew Hannah, who has died in Clydebank, was one of the famous Renton team which gained the proud title of Champions of the World. As right back, he played for the Scottish League in the first match against the English League, in 1892, at Bolton. Referee was the late John James Bentley, who said it was the cleanest game he had ever seen – he did not have to award a single free kick.

As an Anglo-Scot, Andrew Hannah captained Everton during three seasons, and he was a stalwart in the Liverpool team, Everton’s greatest rivals of the time.

A noted athlete, he won numerous prizes at Highland games, his forte being the hop, step and leap, at which he had done 49 feet.
(Daily Record: June 6, 1940)