Eleven goals at Anfield

May 30, 1940
Tranmere Rovers after leading 3-1 early in the game at Anfield suffered a spate of Liverpool goals from that point onward and wound up beaten by 8 goals to 3. Not the least astonishing part of their performance was the feat of their amateur goalkeeper W. Teasdale, of Ellesmere Port, who made five grand saves from Nieuwenhuys alone, and many others. If it had not been for these fine saves Nieuwenhuys would have scored half a dozen goals. As it was he rounded off some fine leadership and captaincy with two good goals. Liddell, Doherty (2), Carney (2), and Hanson also scored for the winners, and Davies, Yates and Hodgson for Tranmere.

Tranmere played extremely well for many long spells. With the assistance of two Chester players they collapsed only through some foolish defensive weaknesses. Liverpool tried Spicer in the first team for the first time, and when he has got the required stamina he looks like developing well. Doherty and Swift, of Manchester City, were among the winning side’s stars, and Nieuwenhuys, Carney, and Brown were other outstanding players.

Ashcroft was plainly Tranmere’s danger point, but after the first 20 minutes he had few chances. Davies and Griffiths played splendidly, and Owen did as well as could be expected against the lively Carney – Liddell wing, which made few mistakes.

Liverpool: Frank Swift, Ray Lambert, Jack Tennant, George Murphy, Alan Brown, Eddie Spicer, Billy Liddell, Len Carney, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Peter Doherty, Alf Hanson.
Tranmere Rovers: Billy Teasdale, Ted Anderson, Arthur Owen, Howarth, William Cartwright, Ronnie Hodgson, Llew Ashcroft, Ernie Davies, Yates, John Griffiths, B. Jones.
Referee: Mr. W.H.E. Jones.
(Liverpool Daily Post: May 30, 1940)


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