Liverpool FC players promotions

Tuesday, June 11 ā€“ 1940
Good news from the Liverpool players who are at present with the Services. Berry Nieuwenhuys, the South African outside right, now in the Royal Air Force, writes to say he is extremely happy in his new sphere. He adds that he has been playing a lot of cricket for his camp team, and recently he scored 56 not out and took two wickets for 19 in one match. Berry states that he had a long chat with George Duckworth, the former England and Lancashire wicket-keeper.

News of other Liverpool players is also cheerful. Tom Bush, the centre half, and Harry Eastham, the inside forward, are now sergeants; Jack Balmer, international forward, is now a corporal, and Phil Taylor, the inside right, has earned his first stripe. Willie Fagan, of course, is now a sergeant, and is undergoing a physical training course.
(Evening Express, 11-06-1940)

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