Former Liverpool trialist missing in action

July 15, 1940
Centre forward for Shelton United during the 1938-39 season, Gunner Richard Siddall (29), of the Royal Artillery, of Elton Road, Derby, has been officially reported “missing.”
Gunner Siddall, who is married, joined the R.A. when he was 19, and saw service in India, Egypt, and the Sudan.

He came on the Reserve in 1938, and started work in the central stores department of Messrs. Rolls Royce (Derby), Ltd.

Called up during the first week of war, he was drafted to France almost immediately, and came home on leave in May.

A brilliant footballer Gunner Siddall had a trial with Liverpool F.C. before he joined up, and was noted for his prowess at the game in the Army.
(Derby Daily Telegraph: July 15, 1940)

Note: He was reported killed in action in March 1941.

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