Jock Elliott: Famous football trainer dead

Thursday, September 12 – 1940
Nearly 50 years in Everton Club.
John Elliott, the former Everton FC trainer died suddenly in hospital last Thursday. “Jock,” as he was more commonly known, served the Everton club in the capacity of player and trainer for over forty years, and it was only a few seasons ago that he retired on pension.

Elliott was a native of Northern Ireland, but he spent most of his early life in Scotland. He played many parts as a member of the Everton Club, apart from his activities as player, then trainer, he acted as scout and later as a groundsman.

He joined Everton as a wing forward from the Uddington Club, Scotland, his first game being against Rawtenstall, when he scored the only goal. He occupied many positions on the field during his nine years’ playing service but was mostly deputy, with McMillan, to the famous Milward-Chadwick wing. Battlesfield FC, a team from Glasgow, once visited Everton for a friendly match. Elliott scored two goals for them.

John Elliott travelled miles for Everton in the capacity of scout, and had the Scot’s uncanny intuition of seeing a good player in the raw. He trained the Everton Cup-winning side of 1906 and received a gold watch as a memento of the occasion.
(Ormskirk Advertiser, 19-09-1940)

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