Liverpool v Everton 3-1 (War time, League match)

Wednesday, December 25 – 1940
Match: North Regional League, at Anfield, kick-off: 11:15.
Liverpool – Everton 3-1 (0-0).
Attendance: 4,000.
Referee: Mr. J. Phillips.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Sam Bartram; Jim Harley, Robert Stuart; Ray Lambert, Bert Turner (Charlton Athletic), Eddie Spicer; Bob Paisley, Len Carney, Stan Palk, Billy Liddell.
Everton (2-3-5): Ted Sagar; Billy Cook, Norman Greenhalgh; George Jackson, Tommy Jones, Gordon Watson; Jack Arthur, Stan Bentham, Tommy Lawton, S. Simmons, Charles Lewis.
The goals: 0-1 Bentham (65 min.), 1-1 Carney (70 min.), 2-1 Nieuwenhuys (71 min.), 3-1 Carney (85 min.).

It took Liverpool just two minutes to switch over a victory line against Everton in the Christmas Day match at Anfield. Led by a Bentham goal after 65 minutes they scored themselves at the 70th and 71 minutes, and then went on to complete the job with another five minutes from time. Liverpool were worth their win, if only for the way they fought back when Everton had appeared to have broken the long goalless spell with every chance of maintaining their lead. For long spells both defences were in command, Everton’s particularly so. The Jones link-up with the attack and his fellow half-backs was so superb that he was able to sweep the ball from defence into attack almost at will. It was in the early part of the game that Lewis was remiss with good chances and Lawton could not get on the target with his big shots.

Liverpool may have been a bit patchy in the half-back line, but their defence was sure and the forwards never slackened up. Liddell had a fine game, and Nieuwenhuys was another enlivening factor. His goal from a planted pass by Liddell was even better than Bentham’s and Carey’s dribble-round-the-goalkeeper point, plus his second was a nice reminder of his return after many months. There were 4,000 spectators.
(Liverpool Echo, 27-12-1940)

Liverpool’s sensational 3-1 victory over Everton at Anfield on Christmas Day was well deserved. It came following a goalless first half in which Everton’s forward superiority promised to see them through. Everton’s opening score 20 minutes after the resumption when Bentham beat Bartram with a terrific long shot was no surprise, for the Everton line had to this stage been moving with perfect precision and well served from behind. Then there came the Liverpool revival and three goals in 20 minutes. Each goal was the reward of sound understanding between the Liverpool forwards, who added determination to craft. It was too much for the Everton defence which could not cope with the quick incisive movements of Nieuwenhuys, Liddell and Carney in particular. The latter who is now an officer in the Army heralded his return to the side with two clever goals. There was, too, a grand duel between Nieuwenhuys and Jones, the Everton centre half, who until those closing minutes was the master of defence. His connecting work with the men in front was a delight to watch. In the Liverpool defence Bartram in goal and Stuart at full back were right on top of their form. The scorers were for Liverpool Nieuwenhuys and Carney (2), and for Everton Bentham. The attendance was about 5,000.
(Evening Express, 27-12-1940)

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