Some lines about Jack Lyon

Friday, January 10 – 1941
Old Whistonman writes:-
As an old reader of your notes, I would like to correct a statement regarding young Jackie Lyon. You said that he is a St. Helen’s lad, Jackie was born in Whiston, like his dad and granddad. I don’t think he ever sat St. Helens until he played school football there. He is a real Whistonian and the sports crowd of the village are proud of him and follow his career with interest. He can’t help but play football. His uncles were above the average players, and his granddad won his first football medal at the age of nine. My brother was in the same team along with him. It was a nine-a-side competition for Prescot and Whiston lads (I Still have the medal my brother won). “It would be about this time the Everton club was first formed. Jackie’s granddad later played with Whiston Ramblers. Also during the last war a great uncle of Jackie’s played a few times for Everton. His name was Platt, and he played outside right. “I used to watch Jackie as a lad of nine on the field here making rings round lads nearly twice his age, and barring accidents he is sure to make a name for himself. I am glad Everton got him, so that we can watch him whenever he gets a chance to play.
(Evening Express, 10-01-1941)

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