Bury v Liverpool 2-5 (League match: March 1, 1941)

March 1, 1941
Key note: “One of the youngest sides ever to represent Liverpool, the average age was in the neighbourhood of 20, won a magnificent victory at Bury. By five goals to two the ‘babes’ took it out of a side which, on paper, seemed capable of winning as they pleased. It is pleasant to be able to record a valiant effort like this. All the good things we wrote about them after the Southport match were justified on the field of play now. It was merely ironic that when goals were most needed in a vital cup-tie they should not come. Now, with nothing at stake, there was better luck all round. It is not giving away a secret to suggest that Liverpool thought they would be unmercifully beaten. Their team was young, several of them had done a morning’s work, had no food and were handicapped from the start. Yet in a few minutes Liddell set them afire by a centre which curled into goal to the discomfort of Holdcroft. He got another and made another, and at the end of the tally was Liddell and Dorsett two each and Done one. There had been a lead of 4-0 at the half-way stage and Bury’s only reply had been two Davies goals early in the second half when they had good reason to suppose that the tide would turn.” (Liverpool Daily Post: March 3, 1941)

Match: North Regional League, at Gigg Lane.
Bury – Liverpool 2-5 (0-4).
Attendance: 2,000.
Referee: Mr. R.S. Warr (Bolton).
Bury (2-3-5): Harry Holdcroft (Preston North End), Bill Gorman, Les Hart, Archie Livingstone, Bill Griffiths, Billy Whitfield, David Jones, Peter Dougal, George Davies, Murray, Don Carter.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Eric Mansley, Ray Lambert, Jim Harley, Harry Kaye, Dennis Cooke, Eddie Spicer, Billy Liddell, Stan Palk, Cyril Done, Dick Dorsett (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Bob Paisley.
The goals: 0-1 Liddell (3 min.), 0-2 Dorsett (21 min.), 0-3 Dorsett (30 min.), 0-4 Liddell, 1-4 Davies, 2-4 Davies, 2-5 Done.

1941 Bury v LFC Daily Post 3 March 1

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