New date for local derby

Saturday, March 1 – 1941
It is probable that a new date will have to be arranged for Everton’s North Regional game with Liverpool at Goodison Park. It was fixed originally for Boxing Day, but all football for that day was cancelled. The teams met at Anfield and Goodison Park in the Lancashire Cup and then they agreed to play a League game at Goodison Park on March 15. So far so good, but now Everton have a chance of making further progress in the League War cup. If they do beat Southport they will be engaged in the Cup third round on March 15, and so another date will have to be fixed. There is no doubt that the clubs will be able to find a vacant Saturday later in the season. I hope they do. It would be a shame were one of these interesting “Derby” games to be lost. Up to now they have met four times this season, resulting in three wing to Everton against Liverpool’s one. Everton, if and when they lose interest in the League Cup, also have to arrange their Lancashire Cup game with Burnley.
(Evening Express, 01-03-1941)

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