The father of goal-nets and shin-guards passes away

Saturday, March 22 – 1941
The death during the week of Mr. William Brodie reminded a reader that it was the same Mr. Brodie who, with his brother, first thought of goal nets. He writes to say that about 50 years ago the Brodie brothers went to see a football match at Neston, and of course, no nets were used in those days. During the game a dispute arose as to whether a shot had passed inside or outside of a post. On their way home the brothers were discussing the point and they asked; Why not have nets to stop the ball and so do away with all disputes?” And there and then they devised the goal-nets which are now in common use. It was they who also first suggested shin-guards. The reader recalls that Mr. William Brodie was a popular member of Wallasey Golf Club. He did not take up the game until he was middle aged and then in the space of two years he had got his handicap down to 12. (Evening Express, 22-03-1941)

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