Legal library

May 21, 1941
Approximately 30,000 books concerning legal matters and of historical interest were lost by recent raids on the city when the Law Library, associated with the Liverpool Law Society, was destroyed.

Established in 1827, the library contained volumes of outstanding interest and value to members of the legal profession, and I am told there was a complete set of the Liverpool Directory since 1843, and a copy of the first issue many years previous to that date.

There were records of foreign and Colonial statue law, together with rare works in old English print published in the 16th century.

It was the biggest library of its kind outside London, and Mr. George Alfred Richards, J.P., who has been permanent secretary and librarian since he returned from war service in 1920, and who has been associated with the Law Society for 34 years, tells me it is hoped to establish the nucleus of a new library within a few days.

Mr. George Alfred Richards, J.P.
George Richards 1941

This will be possible thanks to the generosity of members who have promised copies from their own libraries. But it will be many years before the library attains its former high standard.
(Evening Express, 21-05-1941)

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