Everton win return match

June 3, 1941
Liverpool, beaten 3-1 in their return game with Everton at Goodison Park yesterday, were dogged by ill fortune, and finished the last fifteen minutes of the game with nine men. Leading 1-0 at half-time through a goal put into his own net by T.G. Jones, Liverpool lost Hanson ten minutes after the resumption. The Chelsea winger having the misfortune to dislocate his left knee. The accident happened in most simple fashion, and nobody was to blame. Hanson had closed in towards the middle to anticipate a centre from the opponents wing. When it came it was almost out of reach and in making an effort to connect with the ball Hanson collided with the Everton keeper and fell awkwardly. He was carried off on a stretcher and taken to Walton hospital.

Liverpool battled on bravely with ten men, but when Boyes had equalised four minutes after Hanson’s departure, the game went all one way. Boyes added a second from a corner at the half-hour and within a minute Jackson made it 3-1. Liverpool never gave up, in spite of the heavy odds against them, and in the closing stages, Liddell had a grand chance to reduce the deficit but shot too hurriedly.

The first half hour’s football was excellent with both sides serving up good combined moves, though these were spoiled at times by erratic shooting. Later the game became rather scrappy, and in the second half, when Seddon, collided with Kaye, had to go off twelve minutes from the end with a cut forehead, the interest evaporated.

Liverpool were well served in attack by Palk whose passes were always well placed, and Done, who had speeded up considerably of late, Liddell was poorly supported and got few chances. Lambert had a tricky customer to watch in Boyes, and the duels between the two were always interesting.

Everton’s defence was excellent. Greenhalgh in particularly being outstanding while Lovett kept goal confidently and well. The forward line once again was the weakest department with Boyes the best of the bunch. Jackson is not the answer to the centre-forward problem, though he played quite creditably. Simmons is still too inclined to over-elaboration.

Everton: Percy Lovett, Billy Cook, Norman Greenhalgh, Stan Bentham, Tommy Jones, Maurice Hill, Wally Boyes, Sid Simmons, George Jackson, Owen, Jack Lyon.
Liverpool: Alf Hobson, Kenneth Seddon, Ray Lambert, Harry Kaye, Dennis Cooke, Eddie Spicer, Billy Liddell, George Farrow, Cyril Done, Stan Palk, Alf Hanson.
(Liverpool Daily Post: June 3, 1941)


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