Next season’s football decisions

June 9, 1941
Mr. William Cuff, Everton, was re-elected president of the management committee at the Football League annual meeting, today, in Nottingham. Mr. A. Brook Hirst, Huddersfield, was appointed senior vice-president, and Mr. Arthur Henry Oakley, Northampton, junior vice-president.

Two vacancies were filled by Mr. William John Harrop, Liverpool, and Mr. D.F. Wiseman, Birmingham.

The meeting decided that in future amateur players will be placed in the retained list of clubs, but the players will have the right to appeal to the management committee.

Charlton Athletic, Sunderland, Birmingham and Gateshead intend resuming in the League next season.

Birmingham are asking Coventry City to share ground at Leamington with them.

Mr. Cuff said that last season clubs contributed £30,000 in entertainment tax.

He reiterated the Management Committee’s disapproval of the London clubs’ action in rejecting the League scheme and substituting their own, but he thought there might be another side to the question. He left sure they did not act through disloyalty.

Amendments to the Management Committee’s proposals for next season were put forward by Manchester City, Luton and Tottenham. All three clubs suggested an extension of the first half of the season’s plans into the New Year. They did not favour a competition with league-arranged fixtures ending on December 26.

It was decided that next season the Football League should run two competitions for north and south, on a point basis, to end on December 26. The top 32 clubs after ten matches will qualify for the Cup Competition proper. Payment will remain at 30s. per match. Admission price next season was fixed at 10d. exclusive of entertainment tax.
(Source: Evening Express: June 9, 1941; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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