Liverpool F.C. balance sheet 1940-41

June 26, 1941
The Liverpool Football Club report and balance sheet show that the club lost £1,41 2s. 7d. on the year’s working, ending May 5, 1941, as compared with a loss of £6,759 1s. 11d. the previous year.

The balance at the credit of the profit and loss account of the company now stands at £9,750 4s. 2d, and is made up as follows: –
Brought forward from last year: £11,171 6s. 9d.; less loss for year ended May 5, 1941: £1,421 2s. 7d.; carrying forward to next year £9,750 4s. 2d.

Owing to the loss on the year’s working, the directors regret they cannot recommend the payment of a dividend.

The directors retiring by rotation are Messrs. John Asbury, William John Harrop, and James Troop.

Messrs. Harrop and Troop, being eligible, offer themselves for re-election. For reason of health, Mr. John Asbury does not offer himself for re-election. Mr. Ralph Knowles Milne has been nominated in respect of the vacancy on the directorate. The directors desire to place on record their appreciation of the services rendered by Mr. Asbury to the club during the past forty years, and express the sincere hope that he may soon be restored to good health. The auditors, Simon Jude and West, also retire, and are eligible for reappointment.

The annual general meeting of the company will be held at the Law Association Small Room, 14 Cook Street, on Friday, July 4, at seven o’clock.

Under the heading “Players’ wages, bonuses and transfer fees,” the sum expended was £754 10s., compared with £4,644 10s. the previous year; travelling expenses show £422 10s. 6d. compared with £947 1s 7. In 1940. Gross gate receipts were £2,473 9s. 7d., compared with £5,703 11s. 7d. the previous year. Away matches brought in £808, compared with 1940’s £2,159.

1941 Balance sheet 1 1941 Balance sheet 2
(Liverpool Daily Post: June 26, 1941)

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