Burnley F.C. balance sheet 1940-41

June 28, 1941
The Burnley Football Club’s balance sheet, covering their second season of war-time football, reveals a loss of £211. Losses are never satisfactory, but when last season’s result is compared with the loss of £3,552 for the previous season, shareholders, we think, will agree that the directors have worked with remarkable success.

A big item on the expenditure side of the balance sheet twelve months ago was the payment of summer wages to players, who, after playing in two League games, had their contracts cancelled as a result of the outbreak of war.

No summer wages were payable last year, and consequently there has been a saving of nearly £3,000 in respect of players’ wages and secretary’ salary. While the Board can claim no credit for the this, there are many other items in which shrewd management has been the means of effecting saving to the extent of many hundreds of pounds.

Some of the outstanding economy cuts have been: Training and medical expenses, £354 match expenses, £212; players’ outfits, £102; travelling expenses, £162; office expenses, £98; ground expenses, £172; and lighting and heating, £46. All this saving has been effected without impairing the quality of the sport provided, and critical shareholders may well regard this satisfactory state of affairs in wartime as a shining example to be followed in the more spacious, but not necessarily more extravagant days of peace.
(Source: Burnley Express: June 28, 1941)


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