A very long service

July 8, 1941
Mr. William Harvey Webb and Mr. Walter Henry Cartwright, the Liverpool directors, have embarked on their 21st year of service to the Reds as directors.

They now hold the distinction of being the two oldest directors on the board in point of service. Both were elected at the 1921 annual meeting and they have rendered wonderful service. They are known wherever football is played.

1941 Cartwrigt and Webb

Mr. Cartwright occupied the chair for three years immediately prior to the election of Mr. William John Harrop three seasons ago.

Mr. Webb – “Uncle Harvey” to all his friends – should also have occupied the chair by virtue of service, but he has refused the honour several times. He is content to carry on with his work as chairman of the Grounds and Stores Committees. And right well he discharges those duties.

Both Mr. Cartwright and Mr. Webb are born organisers, and delight in being in charge of club trips. Both have travelled thousands of miles in quest of players and there is not a ground in England or Scotland where they are not known.

Here’s hoping they both enjoy many more years of service to the club they love so much.
(Evening Express: July 8, 1941)

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