Anfield football talent trials

August 6, 1941
The Liverpool Football Club’s invitation to amateur players to take part in the talent-trial games is going to be a great success. Already Mr. George Kay, manager of the Anfielders, has received close on 40 applications and this only a day or two following the decision to start the trials this week.

This is great work, but Mr. George Kay is not satisfied. He believes the Liverpool area can supply him with many more and I have no doubt he is right. Who knows but what he will not unearth a budding international or two?

He is to give youth its chance and those who want to try their paces and skill at Anfield should get in touch with him at the ground at once.

Trials will be held twice weekly – Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5.30.

Last night close on a score of young players indulged in limb loosening, some shooting-on and then a game in which the players did not have to keep positions but were nevertheless under the watchful eyes of Mr. Kay and his colleague Mr. Jimmy Seddon. Both noted their strong points also the weak ones, and incidentally gave them valuable hints on how to work the ball to advantage.

Some showed marked ability in this direction, while others were not so good, probably being nervous. But they will be given further trials. Those who did well will be given the chance of making a higher grade against players on the books of the Liverpool club.

The second try-out.
The second “test” will be tomorrow evening, and those wishing to take part should bring their own boots and any other gear they may have. It will help immensely because, after all, no one gives of his best when playing in borrowed footwear.

Manager Kay tells me that some of the applicants he has yet to “run the rule over” have the right material that goes to the making of a footballer, namely, height and weight. One applicant for the position of goalkeeper stands 5ft. 10½ inches and is only 18, so if he proves as skillful as he is big, then Mr. Kay will be well satisfied.

Bert Turner, Willie Fagan, Dick Dorsett, who gave the club such grand service last season, will in all probability again assist the Anfielders. All the young players who did so well in the side last season will again be ready when called on. These include Ray Lambert, Harry Kaye, and Billy Liddell.

An exception will be Len Carney, the Liverpool Collegiate and Liverpool University forward, who has taken up a scholastic post in the North-east and will, therefore, be unable to assist the Reds. International centre-half Stan Cullis, is stationed down South as also are many of the pre-war side of Liverpool’s eleven.

A couple of seasons back Liverpool had a promising youngster named Billy Hall on their books. Pressure of work kept him from the game last season, but there are hopes that he will be available for the Reds this coming season. In last night’s try-out he showed good command of the ball as well as speed and should do well on the wing.

Liverpool, by the way, will run two teams this season, the second one playing in the Liverpool Combination.
(Evening Express: August 6, 1941; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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