Newcomers to the Liverpool County Combination

August 7, 1941
There are three newcomers to the Liverpool County Combination for next season. They are Napiers, Automac and Carlton, and they bring the total strength of the league so far to ten clubs. These clubs, along with last season’s Everton Amateurs, Liverpool Amateurs, Burscough, Marine, Randle, Rootes Athletic and St. Teresa’s – should provide a great Combination season.

Automac F.C. are last season’s champions and cup winners of the Liverpool League. They went through the season without a defeat.

The Combination programme commences on September 6. The George Mahon Cup Competition and probably the Lord Wavertree Cup Competition will be part of the programme.

A further meeting of the Combination will be held on August 14, at the Bradford Hotel, at 7.30, when clubs will receive their fixtures. Any other clubs of good standing who would like to join are invited to attend the meeting, when arrangements would be made to accommodate them.
(Source: Evening Express: August 7, 1941)

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