Players’ wages question

August 30, 1941
There is an urgent task facing the Football Association. They should at once place a maximum on players’ wages. The League have rules that clubs may pay professionals no more than 30s. a week. That is purely a domestic matter as affecting the League and does not need ratification by the F.A. Now, however, I think the F.A. should take a hand.

The London clubs have broken away from the League and so the League rules do not apply to them. What is to prevent the London clubs from raising their wage maximum to, say £5 a week or, if it suits them, imposing no maximum whatever?

From my point of view I would like the players to receive as much as the clubs can afford – I am in favour of bonuses, for instance.

It has been hinted that the breach will not affect the inter-change of players. League club players now stationed in the south will be permitted to assist London League clubs, and vice versa. Both sides have agreed that players shall not be penalised.

But it could react against the Football League clubs, for their players might prefer to play for London clubs if their remuneration was higher. Therefore, I think the F.A. should take a hand and themselves fix a maximum wage.

Of course, if the two competitions could reach an agreement between themselves the F.A. need to be brought into it. That is the best way out.
(Source: Evening Express: August 30, 1941)

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