Liverpool have punch

September 1, 1941
I was at Anfield on Saturday to see the lively Reds beat a capable Wrexham. Whether it is the boxing shows which have brought “punch” to Anfield or not, I do not know, but certain it is that “punch” is the paramount virtue of Liverpool.

In front of goal they were dynamic, and even if goalkeeper Norman Jones did reach three super-charged shots there was always someone there to apply the finishing touch. I think this attack will take Liverpool to a prominent position. Dick Dorsett and Billy Liddell were terrific.

This was a grand little opening tonic with Liverpool always the better side, but Wrexham recovered gallantly from early setbacks to give the Reds plenty of trouble late on.

It was the brilliance of Tommy Jones, of Everton, and Arthur Tutin, of Stoke City, at wing-half, which paved the way for Wrexham’s fighting finish, but Liverpool always had the situation well in hand.

Apart from that incisiveness forward, the most pleasing feature of Liverpool’s display was the soundness of young Charlie Fazackerley at right back. This lad has come on a ton since last season, and on this display will retain his place.

Billy Hall, the 18 year-old winger came in at the last minute to snatch a goal and give a fighting display at outside-right. If he is a true sample of the lads Manager Mr. George Kay has at hand ready to slip in, then Liverpool need have no fears for the future.

It was Stan Palk’s honour to take the first goal and Cyril Done, Dorsett (2) and Hall were other goal-getters; while Billy Redfern of Derby County, scored both for Wrexham, and generally pleased the 3,200 spectators.

Welsh outlook.
It was nice to greet many good friends from Wrexham again, led by Chairman Mr. John Hughes and Captain Bert Pritchard, and despite the defeat they can look forward to the season with a degree of confidence. Mr. Hughes said that they hope to have Milburn, Cope, Tutin, Turner, Stevens, Park, Williams, Redfern and Steen regularly. If that is so, then they need not worry.

In addition they have, said Mr. Hughes, a young centre-forward coming along – Richards by name – who is likely to create something of a sensation. Manager Mr. Tom Morgan and his co-worker, Mr. Tom Williams, were present and they mentioned that they will run a junior team in the local league which Mr. Ted Robbins, secretary of the FA of Wales, is sponsoring. It is a wise plan.

Mr. William McConnell, the Liverpool vice-chairman, was at Anfield to act as host to the Welsh visitors, being supported by Messrs. James Troop and Walter Henry Cartwright.
(Evening Express, 01-09-1941)

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