Liverpool F.C.’s team policy

September 15, 1941
Liverpool Football Club are going to insist that there is always a reasonable proportion of experienced players in their teams this season. This is not a new policy, but as Chairman Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale said to me, “a common-sense policy” destined not only to build for future requirements, but to provide present day followers with football of the highest grade.

Liverpool will continue in its plan to develop junior talent on a wide scale, but will go out to secure the most accomplished and experienced players to bring greater attractiveness to the team and ensure that the juniors are given ample opportunity to develop their prowess.

“Two young fullbacks may find themselves outwitted by forwards of experience,” said Mr. Martindale, “but put a youngster alongside a Tommy Cooper and he is a 100 per cent better player. The experienced man makes the youngster. That is the blend we seek and will get.”

Liverpool will always include a good proposition of players of the highest grade. It is a wise plan.

Curiously enough, the Liverpool plan was put into action on Saturday against Manchester City at Maine-road, and the Reds fought back after being two goals down to win 4-3. They had pre-war First Division players in Bob Batey, Jack Balmer, and Dick Dorsett to hold the youngsters together and weld them into a tip-top side. Yes sir, the plan is working already.
(Evening Express: September 15, 1941)

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