Liverpool win at Manchester

September 15, 1941
A fine recovery
In pre-war days Manchester City saved their best for matches at Anfield. Since the war Liverpool have been paying off old scored. Three times, I think, they have won at Manchester.

This latest success, by 4 goals to 3, was additionally pleasant, because it was earned by as forceful a recovery as one could wish for. Fifteen minutes had passed and Liverpool were two goals down and heading for a debacle. It was then that the natural enthusiasm of their young side began to assert itself.

They refused to be beaten down any further. By half-time they were on terms; midway through the second half they had taken a 4-3 lead in spite of City having led 3-2, and in the end they were worthy, if very tired, winners. It was a close call; there were moments when they appeared to be incapable of holding up, but in the end they came out triumphantly.

City lost because they could not match Liverpool’s smash-and-grab tactics. I don’t doubt that if Liverpool had been finishing off the approach work of their opponents they would have scored six and not three goals. City enjoyed the thrills of making goals possible and then carried them no further. A stern defence, which gave away only one goal this week, made them pay full toll for being fanciful instead of full of fire.

Obviously the winning side carried the essential measure of experience this time. Dorsett, Batey and Balmer were all helpful in this respect. Dorsett’s goal – he slipped the ball back into the goal before Goodall had had time to get back to his charge after a clearance, was the neatest, cleverest one of them all. Liddell’s, too, was a good one. Done’s refusal to be beaten earned him two goals, and Spicer, Lambert and Fazackerley were similarly hearty in their work in other department.

City have a great prospect in Smith, who has been on their staff since he was 16, but they have nothing better, collectively, than the mixture of youth and experience which beat them on this occasion. Smith, Dunkley and Currier got their goals.

Result: Manchester City 3, Liverpool 4.

Liverpool: Alf Hobson, Charlie Fazackerley, Ray Lambert, Harry Kaye, Bob Batey, Eddie Spicer, Jack Balmer, Stan Palk, Cyril Done, Dick Dorsett, Billy Liddell.
Manchester City: Ed Goodall, Gordon Clark, Charlie Walker, Jack Percival, Eric Eastwood, Jackie Bray, Maurice Dunkley, J. Parlane, Jim Currier, George Smith, Eric Westwood.
Referee: Mr. H.T. Wright (Macclesfield).
(Source: Liverpool Daily Post: September 15, 1941)

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