The old switch again

September 15, 1941
In pre-war days Liverpool used to bewilder their opponents by their quick forward switch. They were two down at Maine-road and then went to the old switch idea. Jack Balmer went to inside forward and Stan Palk to the wing. There ended the City hopes of winning.

By half-time Liverpool were level, and although they fell behind again they got the two goals necessary to record a fine victory. Cyril Done (2), Dick Dorsett and Jack Balmer got the goals.

It was an uphill fight, and there were periods when Manchester threatened to take up the running again, but the defence revealed splendid powers of recovery, and inspired by Alf Hobson’s goalkeeping they effectively checked the City’s desperate raids. The Liverpool forwards had plenty of power behind their shots, and Billy Liddell was a real headache for Walker.

Done led the forwards with dash and skill, and he vied with Dorsett in testing Goodall. Balmer was fine support for Liddell, although he might on occasion have gone through alone. The half-backs were all good.
(Evening Express: September 15, 1941)

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