A Liverpool double

November 17, 1941
Chester lose 4-2.
Liverpool scored another double when they beat Chester 4-2 at Anfield. There was no doubt about their being the better side.

Indeed, if they had accepted all their takable chances Chester would have had to be content with a bigger defeat. In some respects this would have been unfortunate, because considering their status as compared with Liverpool’s the losers showed up quite well, and this despite the fact that there was a liberal sprinkling of amateurs facing a team which has only lost twice, and which had men like Nieuwenhuys, Dorsett, Bush, Liddell, and company in a fairly strong side.

It took Liverpool just three minutes to establish a lead. Liddell came inside to smash the ball home for his goal in a way that we have come to know as characteristic. But Astbury more often a notable schemer than scorer, hit a good left-foot shot to counter the blow 12 minutes later. Nieuwenhuys and Palk scored in the second half, before Astbury strode through to make a beautiful volleyed shot for his side’s second goal.

A most notable display came from Kaye, a young half back who has come into his own since joining the side early last season. Here is a ntural footballer if ever there was one. He cut and carved his way to success, and his improved speed seems to have made a big difference to his game. Bush completely blotted out Yates, so with Pendergast off form and Bazely, the amateur, rather on the inexperienced side, it was left to Astbury and Roberts to carry the Chester front line.

They did just as much on their own as one could humanly expect. Shortt, guilty of a slip when Palk scored, was not kept as busy as he might have been if Liverpool had shot better, or if Cole and McNeil had not presented such a resolute barrier as they did. Cole as a full back was far from overrun by Liddell, who makes a habit of this practice, and McNeil was only lost when “Nivvy” turned on the speed tap. The one man one would have expected to score in this company – Dorsett – did not get a goal because he was a bit luckless, because he is a better inside man than a centre, and because Williams, who is at Liverpool University, stood up to his task manfully.

Result: Liverpool 4, Chester 2.

Liverpool: Alf Hobson, Roy Guttridge, Ray Lambert, Bill Whittaker, Tom Bush, Harry Kaye, Berry Nieuwenhuys, George Ainsley, Dick Dorsett, Stan Palk, Billy Liddell.
Chester: Bill Shortt, Doug Cole, Dave McNeil, Harold Howarth, Williams, A. Griffiths, Fred Roberts, Tommy Astbury, Dick Yates, Bill Pendergast, J. Bazley.
Referee: Mr. R.A. Mortimer (Huddersfield).
(Source: Liverpool Daily Post: November 15, 1941; via http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk) © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited


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