Club news

Seeking “doubles” in County Combination

December 4, 1941
“Doubles” in Saturday’s County Combination games in which the highlight is the return between leaders, Liverpool and Automac, at Anfield. The Reds won the first game 4-1.

Randle hope to beat Everton again, and Carlton seek their second win against Liverpool University. Further, Marine go for their second win over Napiers who play A. Joliffe, a full back, at centre forward. The new Garston club, Liverpool Civil Defence play a friendly with St. Teresa at Garston.

Marine (from): F. Foster, T. Hannah, G.N. Welsby, H. Birtles, J.K. Morgan, W. Fitzpatrick, A.N. Other, W. Arnold, F. Johns, G. Barron, C. Coffey, K. Paterson, C. Critchley.

Napiers: L. Sohage, G. McIlraith, A. Norman, E. Joliffe, N. Hankin, J. Birch, J. Bradley, A. Blenkinsop, A. Joliffe, L. Fraser, F. Cheedy.

Liverpool University: B.T. Simpson, L. Kelly, J.C.V. Murphy, W.C. Fletcher, D.G. Roberts, R. Pope, K. Dodgson, E. Seddon, J.H.H. Saint, R.E. Walker, J. Moyse.

Automac: Rimmer, Dennett, Holcroft, Duncan, Butler, Tommy Fairfoull, Baxter, Dailey, Clague, Nelson, Hughes.

Liverpool ‘A’ (from): Willis, Kenneth Seddon, Jack Macdoald, Kirwan, Parry, Finney, Paterson, Billy Hall, George Collister, Arthur Shepherd, Jack Campbell, Michael Hulligan, Parker.
(Evening Express: December 4, 1941)


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