County Combination team news

December 11, 1941
Carlton, in their first County Combination season, are now the strongest challengers to Liverpool’s supremacy. They are only three points behind and have two matches in hand. Their only defeat was on October 25 at the hands of St. Teresa’s, with whom they share the Bellefield ground.

Since that day St. Teresa’s have not lost, and so you can look forward to a grim battle on Saturday when they clash again in what is the Saints’ home fixture. Carlton may have Bob Roberts, the former Marine and Runcorn half back.

Liverpool got to Thingwall Road to face Rootes and should win again. Everton will be at home to Napiers at Goodison Park, and the game marks the return of Sweeney, the outside right with plenty of first team experience.

Sweeney is now stationed at an adjacent centre and will be pretty regular. Automac should get back to winning form in their home game with Randle. Liverpool University include several ex-Marine players in their side to face Marine at Wyncote.

Liverpool Civil Defence Cadets entertain Rootes in a friendly.

Everton “A”: Gale, Ireland, Dugdale, Curwen, Kelly, Cheers, Sweeney, Simmons, Cec Wyles, Owen, Fowler.

Liverpool “A” (from): Willis, Kenneth Seddon, Richard Kirwan, Jack Macdonald, George Kay, Parry Finney, Peterson, Willie Hall, Barker, George Collister, Arthur Shepherd, Jack Campbell, Michael Hulligan.

Carlton (from): G. Stratton, T. Muirholland, G. Smith, E. Phillips, G. Parry, J. Milligan, Bob Roberts, J. Pierpoint, J. Mangan, H. Bates, R. Coppack, J. Parle, P. Richards, J. Brodie.

Liverpool University (from): B.T. Simpson, L. Kelly, J.V. Murphy, W. Fletcher, D.G. Roberts, J. Moyse, E. Seddon, R.E. Walker, J.H.H. Saint, R. Pope, R.H. Hawkins, G. Davies.

Marine (from): F. Foster, T. Hannah, G.N. Welsby, Harry Birtles, J.K. Morgan, W. Fitzpatrick, A.N. Other, W. Arnold, F. Johns, G. Barron, C. Coffey, C. Critchley, K. Paterson.

Automac: A.N. Other, Dennett, Holcroft, Duncan, Butler, Tommy Fairfoull, Baxter, Dailey, Clague, Melsom, Hughes.
(Evening Express: December 11, 1941)


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