Liverpool waiting for a slip

December 17, 1941
While the championship of the North Regional League seems to rest between Blackpool and Preston, the question is by no means settled yet, and Liverpool are lying handy in case the leaders falter.

For that reason the Anfield side will be keen to lift the full return from their two concluding games with Stoke City, the first of which is at Anfield on Saturday. It won’t by any means be easy, for, after a shaky start, Bob McGrory’s lads have been doing exceptionally well of late, and have won their last six games off the reel, and totted up some hefty scored into the bargain.

Liverpool anticipate having the services of Tom Bush at centre half for Saturday’s game. Bush has written to say he hopes to be on leave, but Dennis Cooke stands by in case of a last minute disappointment.

Carney will play right half, where he put up a grand show against Everton recently. Ainsley partnering Liddell on the right wing. Dorsett remains at centre forward, and McIntosh, ex-Preston and Blackpool is another “guest.”

Team: – Alf Hobson, Roy Guttridge, Ray Lambert, Len Carney, Tom Bush, Harry Kaye, Billy Liddell, George Ainsley, Dick Dorsett, Stan Palk, Jimmy McIntosh.
(Liverpool Echo: December 17, 1941)


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