Vital games in the County Combination

December 18, 1941
Carlton and Liverpool remain favourites for the championship of the Liverpool County Combination, and both are engaged in viral away games on Saturday. Carlton go to Goodison Park to face the vastly improved Everton, who include Young, the Arsenal back.

Liverpool will be at Crosby facing Marine, who include Critchley, a forward from Woking, and McVinney, from Whiston. Automac still have an outside chance of honours, but must win at Randle. Napiers receive Liverpool University, and St. Teresa’s are at home to Rootes.

Carlton (from): P. Keane, T. Mulholland, G. Smith, E. Phillips, G. Parry, T. Milligan, P. Richards, W. Battarbee, H. Bates, A.N. Other, J. Parle, J. Brodie.

Everton (from): Gale, Ireland, Albert Young, Strange, Cheers, Kelly, Curwen, Williams, Mitchell, Cec Wyles, Owen, Fowler.

Liverpool (from): Willis, Kenneth Seddon, Jack Macdonald, Richard Kirwan, Parry, George Kay, George Paterson, Fred Finney, Willie Hall, Charlie Fazackerley, Arthur Shepherd, George Collister, Jack Campbell, Michael Hulligan.

Marine (from): F. Foster, T. Hannah, Gill Welsby, Harry Birtles, J.K. Morgan, W. Fitzpatrick, T. McVinney, C. Coffey, G. Barron, F. Johns, K. Paterson, C. Critchley.

Liverpool University (from): B.T. Simpson, L. Kelly, G. Davies, W.C. Fletcher, D.G. Roberts, J. Moyse, R.H. Hawkins, D. Iddon, J.H. Sant, R.E. Walker, R. Pope, W. Duckett.

St. Teresa’s (from): Gill, Taylor, Pringle, Paine, Crilly, Wilton, Lewis, Neagle, Griffiths, McVey, Sale, Coogan, Jackson.

Liverpool Civil Defence Cadets (v. South Villa, from): Morgan, Tomlinson, McAllinder, Rollin, Doyle, Houghton, Berkeley, Dagnall, E. Jackson, D. Jackson, Waterson, Griffiths, Rothwell.
(Evening Express: December 18, 1941)


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