Bury out of Luck

December 29, 1941
Bury have always been welcome opponents so far as Liverpool have been concerned because since the war they have lost almost every fixture they have played against Liverpool sides.

The long list of Liverpool successes became even longer when the Bury team which came to Anfield on Saturday in the War Cup tourney was beaten 4-0. They will have chances to counter this blow, which is not fatal to their chances, and coubtless they will do so if only they can get normal luck. On this occasion they were clean out of fortune, and for this reason 4-0 was a slightly flattering verdict in the winners’ favour. Liverpool might easily have scored more often, but Bury deserved two or three goals at least.

As for the interest engendered in this match, there were 8,000 people to see it, and none could have been disappointed with the excitements which were happening all through. There was much good goalkeeping, much of it from Hobson; a classic display of half-back work by 19-years-old Quigley of the visiting side; and a cut and thrust atmosphere about the play which made a refreshing change from some of the rather slow-motion League matches there have been.

Nieuwenhuys, leading the Liverpool attack and making a success of the task, scored first. Then Ainsley made it two. Liddell smashed home the best shot of the match for the third goal, and Ainsley put the ball into the net in a goalmouth mix-up near the end.

Liverpool won because they took most of their chances. Whittaker and Lambert played particularly well in defence, and Liddell and Nieuwenhuys were almost as outstanding as McIntosh, who did pretty well as he pleased on the left wing.

Result: Liverpool 4, Bury 0.

Liverpool: Alf Hobson, Roy Guttridge, Ray Lambert, Harry Kaye, Bill Whittaker, Eddie Spicer, Billy Liddell, George Ainsley, Berry Nieuwenhuys, George Paterson, Jimmy McIntosh.
Bury: D.A.P. Russell, George Griffiths, Jimmy Gemmell, David Jones, Bill Griffiths, Eddie Quigley, Fred Roberts, Archie Livingstone, George Davies, Peter Dougal, Reg Halton.
Referee: W. Prescott (Southport).
(Liverpool Daily Post: December 29, 1941)


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