Liverpool’s directors are looking ahead

December 29, 1941
The Liverpool directors are going to make sure that there is no truth in the old cry that the Reds never do well in the Cup. They are determined to do all that is humanly possible to ensure that this season Liverpool secure a prominent position on the Cup map.

They are doing their best to bring to Cup duty as many of their pre-war players as the Services can spare each week. A start has been made with Berry Nieuwenhuys, Eddie Spicer and George Paterson, and Nieuwenhuys is, as I mentioned some time ago, going to be a regular. He confirmed that when I chatted with him on Saturday.

Willie Fagan, who has been scoring so regularly with Northampton Town, will be playing against Bury at Gigg Lane next Saturday. Fagan goes to Scotland on Thursday to play for Glasgow Celtic, and then comes back here to join the Reds for the Bury trip.

Yes, and as the weeks go on we shall see others of our old friends back wearing the red jersey once again. Chairman Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale is seeing to that.
(Evening Express: December 29, 1941)


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