Celebrations for Liverpool’s young players

March 5, 1942
Saturday will be a big day for the young players of Liverpool’s Amateur team. In the afternoon they visit Randle at Runcorn in the George Mahon Cup. Both clubs claim 100 per cent record. In the evening the Liverpool chairman, Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale, will entertain the players to dinner to celebrate the winning of the Liverpool County Combination. This will be followed by a visit to a show.

It should be a grand struggle at Runcorn for Randle have beaten Napiers, Automac, St. Teresa’s and Rootes twice to take a sound lead, while Liverpool have won their three games. Everton are also 100 per cent, and have scored 31 goals in winning their four games. They appear at Goodison Park against Rootes, while the unbeaten Marine go to Childwall Abbey Road to tackle Automac.

Ground difficulty has caused Carlton to switch their match with Napiers to Napiers’ home ground, and Liverpool University and St. Teresa’s, who shared Combination points earlier in the season, meet at Wyncote.

Liverpool Amateurs (from): Ray Willis, Kenneth Seddon, Richard Kirwan, Jack Macdonald, Glyn Parry, Fred Finney, George Paterson, Willie Hall, Charlie Fazackerley, Arthur Shepherd, George Collister, Jack Campbell, Michael Hulligan, Parker.

Carlton: Phil Keane, T. Mulholland, C. Minshull, E. Phillips, P. Richards, J. Milligan, W. Batterbee, H. Bates, R. Coppack, J. Parle, J. Brodie.
(Evening Express: March 5, 1942)


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