Many questions around guest players

March 5, 1942
The entire question of “guest” players may have to be reviewed before we start on the League War Cup Competition proper on Saturday, April 4.

During the League and qualifying competitions clubs have only been too please to allow their players to assist other clubs, but I am wondering whether they will continue the arrangement once we get down to the real knock-out tournament.

It is obvious that were the present system to continue we should often find players actually playing against their own clubs, and I know the clubs will want to guard against such a contingency.

The League itself will not permit players to flit from one club to another, and clubs will not want any possible players to be “cup tied” to another club.

The outcome may be a general all-round withdrawal of permission for players to appear as “guests.” Of course, players on the books of Scottish clubs and these not participating in football at the moment would not be affected.

Lucky Liverpool.
Each of our Merseyside clubs would be affected, for each has been playing “guest” players.

Liverpool are lucky. Their three regular “guests” have been Fred Haycock and Roy Guttridge, of Aston Villa, and Alf Hobson, of Chester. Well, the Villa are not competing this year, and so they will have the aid of these two consistent players right through. There is not even a hint that Chester will withdraw permission for Hobson to continue with Liverpool.

Everton have only three regular “guests” – Eric Keen, Alf Anderson, and Harry Jones. Keen is a Derby County player, and as the County are among the “inactive” he will be okay, while Anderson’s mother club is Third Lanark, and he will be unaffected. Jones, however, is a West Bromwich Albion player, and they might recall him for cup duty. It is a possibility which has to be faced.
(Evening Express: March 5, 1942)


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