Liverpool’s sixth victory?

March 6, 1942
Liverpool should not experience great difficulty in recording their sixth cup victory when they tackle Rochdale, at Anfield, tomorrow for they have out a team which could beat the best.

Rochdale, it is true, are in a desperate position. The Spotlands club have only four points out of six matches, and while there is plenty of hope for them because of four games outstanding, they simply cannot afford to drop any more points. The Reds, therefore, will face a side of 100 per cent endeavour. Any temptation to take the opposition lightly will prove fatal in the circumstances.

With Tom Bush back to co-ordinate the defence, and with such potency in the attack, however, I cannot see Rochdale throwing a spanner into the smooth-working Liverpool machinery.

Haycock will once again be in the attack and that should prove of great aid to Done, who needs someone to hold and draw beside him. Nieuwenhuys will also be there again, and if young Bill Jones gives Berry the ball to chase, he should have a merry day.

Liverpool. – Alf Hobson, Roy Guttridge, Ray Lambert, Stan Eastham, Tom Bush, Harry Kaye, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Bill Jones, Cyril Done, Fred Haycock, Billy Liddell.
(Evening Express: March 6, 1942)


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