Liverpool F.C. directors unopposed

May 5, 1942
There will be no election for seats on the Liverpool Football Club directorate. No nominations have been received from anyone wishing to oppose the three directors who retire by rotation.

The retiring directors are Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale, the present chairman, Mr. Walter Henry Cartwright, a former chairman, and Mr. William Harvey Webb. They will be re-elected for a further three years at the annual meeting.

Mr. Martindale joined the Board in 1931 to fill the vacancy created by the death of Mr. Albert Edward Berry. The son of a former chairman. Mr. Martindale was elected chairman last year in succession to Mr. William John Harrop.

Messrs. Cartwright and Webb joined the Board together 22 years ago and Mr. Cartwright was chairman for three years prior to the election of William John Harrop. He is now on the Finance and Stores Committees. Mr. Webb never aspired to the chairmanship and for many years did yeoman service as chairman of the Grounds Committee. He is now on the Finance Committee.

It is now about 10 years since there was an election for seats on the Liverpool directorate.
(Evening Express: May 5, 1942)

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